A Practical Guide To Keeping Wasps And Hornets Away From Your Modesto Property

July 15, 2023

During the spring and summer months, as the temperature rises and flowers emerge, Modesto-area property owners may notice the presence of types of stinging insects on their property. Common examples such as bees, wasps, and hornets play a beneficial role in the environment by assisting with pollination. Some predatory stinging insects also help control the population of other unwanted pests. However, most stinging insects will respond aggressively if they feel threatened or when defending their nests.

Are you struggling with how to control wasps and hornets that are posing safety concerns on your property? The best course of action involves speaking with a local pest control professional regarding the best ways of expelling these unwanted flying pests. An experienced Modesto pest control company employs trained technicians who will safely solve problems with wasps and hornets.

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About The Wasps And Hornets Common In Modesto

Wasps, hornets, and bees belong to the order Hymenoptera, a large group of insects. You can distinguish bees by their rounded body style covered with hair. Wasps and hornets have a long and lean body style without hair. Hornets are types of wasps that are usually larger.

Among the most common types of wasps in Modesto are paper wasps and yellow jackets. Hornet species in this region include European hornets and bald-faced hornets.

Paper wasps have a brownish body with a yellowish mark, typically measuring approximately 5/8 inches long. As their name suggests, these pests form papery nests often described as similar to an umbrella.

Yellow jackets have a body with black and yellow stripes that often measure 1/2 inch long. In many instances, yellow jackets construct underground nests.

European hornets commonly exceed 1 inch long and appear brown and yellow. You find some of their nests in hollow trees or voids around the exterior of a structure.

Bald faced hornets have a distinctive appearance with black bodies and white heads and usually form aerial nests in trees or overhangs.

What time of day are wasps most active? Wasps are typically most active during the day and commonly retreat to their nests after dark.

Hornets And Wasps Can Be Dangerously Aggressive

Hornets, wasps, and other stinging insects in California will deliver a painful sting to avoid. Keep in mind that these creatures can sting repeatedly. While most of those who endure a sting will experience mild symptoms, some individuals have harmful allergic reactions requiring prompt medical attention.

What do you put on a wasp sting for relief? Applying ice is often effective at alleviating pain and reducing swelling. For itchiness and irritation, antihistamines or calamine lotion are also helpful. 

Tips To Prevent Wasps And Hornets Around Your Yard

Are you looking for answers regarding how to keep wasps and hornets away from your property? Some of the best practices include the following:

  • Clean up any remnants following barbeques in outdoor areas and promptly retrieve any fallen fruits.
  • Limit access to trash bags containing food scraps.
  • Consider alternatives to fragrant flowers for lawn and garden areas.
  • Apply a sealant if crevices around the exterior of the home develop and fill in grounds holes—both could be nesting sites.

Keep in mind that the presence of a wasp or hornet nest on your property can pose safety concerns; therefore, seeking assistance from professionals is a smart move.

The Most Effective Way To Keep Wasps And Hornets Away

Are you in need of professional home pest control for wasps and hornets on your property? Since 2008, our team of pest management professionals at Peace of Mind Pest Control has assisted homeowners with these dangerous creatures. Our technicians know how to get rid of wasps and hornets safely and efficiently. For further information, contact our office today.

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