Are Wasps In Modesto Dangerous?

June 15, 2021

It is interesting how much power a single wasp holds over an adult human. If you go out of your way to avoid these yard pests, you know exactly what we mean. One evil-looking glance from a wasp and you are looking for the closest exit. This flight response usually comes from a personal experience with a wasp sting or horror stories told by friends and family. The question is, are wasp stings as dangerous as we hype them up to be in our heads? Let us answer this question for you today and offer a few simple prevention tips to keep these painful insects off your Modesto property.

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What Wasps Live In Modesto

The term “wasp” is used to describe a group of thin-waisted, flying, stinging pests. In our area, we have yellow jackets, paper wasps, and hornets. Of these three pests, paper wasps are the most common, yellow jackets are the most aggressive, and hornets are the largest. 

Most species of wasps live in large social colonies. Nests are usually created by worker wasps out of chewed up paper. Depending on the species, these nests can be found on the sides of trees, sprawled out on the exterior walls of buildings, or underground in preexisting holes, usually made by gophers, voles, or other digging pests. 

Why Do Wasps Come Onto Properties?

Wasps are much like ants in that they are constantly looking for sources of food to feed their colonies and will build their nests close to food to minimize travel time. The question is, what do wasps eat? Wasps in our area mainly live on sweets and meats. Things like flower beds, fruits, berries, other insects, pet food, and dropped scraps of meat are all attractants that draw wasps to certain areas. If your property offers these pests any of these tasty treats, you are more likely to find their nests nearby.

The Danger Of Wasps

A single wasp sting is not a threat to the average person. If you are severely allergic to insect venom, however, an attack from an angry wasp could be life-threatening. If you have never been stung by a wasp or tested to see if you are allergic, we recommend consulting with your doctor to find out for certain.

One question we are asked frequently is, “How many wasp stings are dangerous?” One sting is enough to cause pain and irritation in a targeted area. Several stings increase the affected area causing general symptoms to become more severe. Forty-plus stings start becoming life-threatening. The exact number of stings it would take to be fatal depends on the person’s general health, age, and the species of wasp they are stung by.

Five Tips To Deter Wasps

  • Pick up fruit and berries that fall into your yard.

  • Clean up thoroughly after outdoor gatherings.

  • Fill in holes around your yard.

  • Knock down new nests using a long broom, as long as the nest is smaller than a golfball.

  • Avoid feeding your pets outdoors.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest

The larger a wasp nest grows the higher your risk of being stung on your property becomes. To protect yourself from these painful pests, turn to the professionals at Peace of Mind Pest Control. We have the industrial-grade equipment, training, and safety gear needed to eliminate large wasp nests and we would be happy to put these tools to work around your property.

Call us today with questions you have about wasps or to schedule your Modesto property for an emergency service visit.

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