Basement Pest Dwellers

December 3, 2018

Almost every basement has them, pests that take up residence. How do you know that they are there? Sometimes you may not realize their existence unless you are in your basement at night and the pest goes scurrying across the floor. Knowing which pests are living in your basement can help you determine how to treat the problem.

a silverfish crawling on a book in the basement of a home


Spiders love basements because they are damp and generally dark. Spiders will mainly be active at night, so you may not actually see the pests, but you may see their signs. The first sign you may see for spiders is the webs all around your basement. The spiders will spin their webs to help catch other smaller insects for food.

Although there are many kinds of spiders, most do provide a benefit for being in your home because they control the population of other insects. However, some spiders that enter your home have a poisonous bite. If you are unsure of the types of spiders in your basement, you can use a sticky paper to catch them and determine the species and if it is poisonous.


The pest with many legs, the centipede, does creep most people out when seen because of all the long legs. Centipedes are another insect that loves the damp, dark and cluttered basement. A centipede generally remains close to water and hides in the clutter. Centipedes also feed off other insects living in your basement. Beware that centipedes are also poisonous.


Another pest that loves the dampness of the basement is the silverfish. This pest is not poisonous to humans, but it does cause damage to your belongings. The silverfish mainly feeds on paper products and clothing. If you have books, magazines or clothing out in your basement, you are inviting these pests in for a meal. A silverfish infestation can occur quickly due to their fast reproduction.


Probably one of the most destructive pests found in your basement is the termite. A termite infestation can cause significant damage to the structure of your home by eating the wood throughout your home. You may start to notice tunnels in the wood or flying ant-like insects.

Controlling The Insect Population In Your Basement

For the insects that like the damp and moist basements, consider adding a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will take the dampness out of the air and make sure it is draining properly. You will also want to remove any places where pests may choose to live. Make sure your basement is clutter free. If you are using your basement for storage, place any paper or clothing items in an airtight container. If your basement insect population is more than you can handle, contact us for an inspection and options for treatment and ongoing maintenance plans.

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