So You Have A Pest Infestation -- Now What?

July 2, 2018

A part of living in a home is dealing with other critters that wish to also use your dwelling as shelter from the outside world. Rodents, insects and other things appreciate the heat, food and shelter. But, what do you do if they’ve decided to move in?

two rats destroying a stack of books inside a home

Identify The Infestation

Different pests are attracted to different aspects of sharing your home, and will require different methods of removal (mouse traps do not work on ants). While mouse droppings, or visual confirmation, can make it simple to ID the pests, other things like wood shavings could have more than one reason to be (such as mouse or termites).

Remove Accessibility And Attraction

Pests are drawn to food over shelter, so ensuring that food is sealed and stored properly goes a long way. Maintaining clean surfaces, sinks (including drains) and garbage storage can go a long way. Sealing off windows, doors, pipes and other common access points helps prevent pests from entering. Removing unnecessary clutter (such as old magazines and newspapers) removes breeding grounds and common food and shelter for insects and rodents.

Apply Appropriate Treatment

Depending on the form infestation, it is time to remove what is already in the home. Rodents and insects have different methods of removal and disposal.

For rodents, there are a couple of options to rid the pest: traps and poisons. Poisons are pretty straightforward. Simple poison pellets will attract mice and rats as a regular food source, but will be fatal when ingested. Often times, the food will be taken back to the nest, which can then rid the infestation, but will not dispose of any corpses. Traps come in several varieties, and some even come in a humane design. Traps can contain the pest (with or without killing them) and remove them from the home.

For insects, there’s no current humane removal method. The most assured way to rid insects is with chemical backup. Even still, the type of insect may require different approaches. For example, roaches and ants send out scouts to find food and bring some back home to the “queen” of the hive. Similar to that of rodents, that are intended to be brought back to the hive to kill the colony as well as the scouts.

For Peace Of Mind

The most assured way to get your home back is to speak with a specialist. Contact Peace of Mind Pest Control and schedule your appointment today!


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