Surprising Facts About Ants

June 4, 2018

Ants possess a number of mind-boggling abilities. While it may be comforting to know that most species try to stay out of people's way, it's in your best interest to get your home and business treated with help from a professional pest control company. Ants infest all types of buildings, and they don't hold back their wrath when they are disturbed. These tiny creepy crawlies have the ability to bite and sting. If you're underestimating them, you're making a big mistake for three reasons.

several ants crawling on a wall inside a home

Ant Colonies Expand Exponentially

Did you know that a queen ant can lay hundreds and even thousands of eggs per day? Breeding habits differ among the various species. However, all the colonies follow a similar system: Males mate with the queen and then die. Workers and soldiers have to protect the nest, gather the food and take care of the eggs. If you get in their way while they are carrying out their duties, they will go on the offensive. Can ants be just as destructive as termites? The answer is no, but beware that these insects pose a threat to you, your pets and your home.

The Common Species Are Notorious

Have you seen any black ants running on a window sill? Your home may be infested with carpenter ants, and you should know that this particular species lives up to its terrible reputation. With such strong mandibles, carpenter ants can easily burrow through wooden structures. They will continue to dig until they create a gallery that's big enough to support their colony. For you, this is bad news because this means the structural damage will gradually spread. The only solution is to find and get rid of any colonies.

Ants are brazen insects that need to be dealt with immediately. Getting stung by one is equivalent to getting pinched by a child. However, the resulting discomfort won't go unnoticed because ants have a stinger that's filled with formic acid. This poisonous liquid is strong enough to cause severe allergic reactions. Thankfully, you can protect your family and your pets by simply letting a professional pest exterminator treat your home.

Some Ants Are Nomadic

You can call them homeless culprits. Army ants are one of the species that like to wander around. They move from location to location, and they don't hesitate to ambush and kill other insects for food. To expand the colony, the ants will settle down to give the queen enough time to lay more eggs. Are you worried that they will find a way in your home or office? You can relax because army ants typically don't rear their ugly heads in buildings. Since other species do invade properties, you'll benefit from hiring a company like Peace of Mind Pest Control. Contact us today!

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