What Are Aphids & Whiteflies?

July 2, 2018

Aphids and whiteflies are two of the most prevalent garden pests. These insects infest vegetation both inside and outside of your home. Fast breeders, aphids and whiteflies can quickly multiply, causing damage to your shrubs, trees and plants by feeding on their juices. With some work, it is possible to control aphids and whiteflies so that you can protect your plants.

white flies on a plant


Aphids are small bugs that suck the sap from plants. They may be green, black, brown, white or pink. Aphids prefer the cooler conditions and less light during the spring and fall. They prefer feeding on young plants. Different species of aphids may prefer different types of plants, and some have been named according to the plants on which they feed. Aphids quickly multiply, and they can weaken the plants on which they feed. These insects also may spread viruses that kill plants.


In areas with warmer climates and mild winters, whiteflies are not killed off during the winter and can be a pervasive outdoor pest. In colder climates, whiteflies may be found indoors. Whiteflies can seriously damage agriculture. These bugs may be found on the undersides of leaves. When you shake a plant that is infested with whiteflies, you may see tiny white flakes falling to the ground. Because of this, whiteflies have been called plant dandruff. Whiteflies also rapidly multiply, and they feed on plant sap. When their populations grow, they can greatly weaken the plants on which they feed. Whiteflies are very small and have body lengths that range from 1 to 2 millimeters and a wingspan of fewer than 3 millimeters.

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In order to control aphids and whiteflies, the first step that you should take is to prevent them from infesting your garden. Try to avoid using fertilizers that contain high concentrations of nitrogen. These types of fertilizers cause a lot of young growth which attracts these pests. Check your plants on a regular basis for the presence of whiteflies or aphids. If you find a plant that is infested with aphids or whiteflies, remove it from the other plants and isolate it. You can also hang sticky strips of yellow tape above the tops of your plants. Whiteflies are attracted to this color. When they land on the tape, they will be stuck and will die.

If these pests have already taken hold in your garden, you might have to take additional measures to eliminate the infestations. This might include using horticultural oil sprays or insecticidal soap sprays. You can also crush aphids by hand and get them off of your plants by spraying them with water from a garden hose. To learn more about ending an infestation of aphids or whiteflies, call the experts at Peace of Mind Pest Control today.

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