What Does Termite Damage Mean For My Home?

October 1, 2018 - Wesley Hamel

Termite damage can have serious consequences for your home. This is true at the functional level, which means that you can lose access to certain parts of your property because of the damage. However, this is also true in terms of the property value of the home. Termites can severely depreciate the value of the home, and this can affect your finances. Since the equity in the home is often used for loans and other financial forms of leverage, the damage caused by termites can have a direct impact on your access to capital. Home equity is the most stable form of wealth for working people, so damage to the home can create a financial burden on both the property owners as well as any children.

a homeowner walking on the termite damaged floor of a home

Termite Damage To Homes

The most insidious part of a termite infestation is the fact that they can remain undetected for so long. During this period, a lot of damage to the home can occur. This damage can occur in several different places in the home, and the amount of the financial impact is often directly related to the location of the termite infestation. For example, damage that is done to any of the foundation of the home will tend to be more severe than termite activity in the attic. This trend goes for other parts of the home as well. Areas where the termites penetrate deeply into the home will tend to cost more to repair; however, there are also cases where the destruction of the structure can effectively total the home. This means that the cost of repairs will exceed the value of the home.

Early detection is the most important way to protect your home from the damage caused by termites. These pests are attracted to areas of the home where the wood is wet, damp or moist. They will use the materials to build nests and breed inside of your walls. If you are unable to detect and remove termites in time, your home could seriously depreciate in value. Once they enter the home, they can inflict damage to areas like the beams, ceiling, dry wall, baseboards, bathrooms, carpets or walls. Professional assistance is often required to ensure that the damage is minimized and future infestations are prevented.

Peace of Mind Pest Control

Termite infestations can change your financial situation by reducing the value of your home, which is your greatest source of equity. Minimizing or preventing this damage can help you to salvage the situation before the termite colony grows beyond your control. However, you need to act quickly to allow the termite exterminator enough time to examine your property for the signs of a termite infestation. If you wait too long, the damage could already be done. Contact Peace of Mind Pest Control today.

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