Hornet Infestations In Modesto Can Be Tricky To Eliminate

June 15, 2022

The Modesto sun is blazing,  and while you're enjoying the picnics, hikes, and outdoor adventures, you will likely encounter mosquitoes. Fortunately, if you're looking for pest control in Modesto, our team of experts at Peace of Mind Pest Control is ready to fight the peak-season infestations of not only bees and wasps but also hornets.

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The Key To Identifying Hornets

Hornets are very similar stinging insects to wasps. They are virulent, and the venom from these insect bites and stings can be lethal, especially in their notorious swarms.
Wasps and hornets are different from bees, because wasps and hornets:

  • Are more aggressive
  • Have thin waists
  • Can sting multiple times without dying
  • Are not hairy like bees
  • Do not have flattened back legs 

There are also some distinct differences between wasps and hornets.
Hornets are larger than all types of wasps. They are generally less aggressive unless threatened. So, try not to swipe at these insects unless you want a flurry of retribution. 

Some Helpful Ways To Deter Hornets In Modesto

Peace of Mind's hornet and wasp removal service in Modesto would like to remind you that proactive prevention is always better than battling a large nest. This is especially true in late winter and early spring when queens begin setting up their new homes.

An excellent way to discourage hornets from getting comfortable is to use a homemade repellent. Six ounces of ammonia mixed with a gallon of water will create the perfect solution to mask food odors and stop hornets from foraging in areas prone to nesting. 

Other proactive means to prevent hornet nests are:

  • Covering food
  • Cleaning up spills as quickly as possible
  • Using sealable trash can lids to stifle odors
  • Using and frequently replacing plastic trash can liners
  • Remove excess debris from the yard, like tree branches or piles of wood
  • Fill in any empty holes in your yard
  • Knock down any nest that is smaller than a walnut           
  • Using peppermint oil to repel them                                       

Even with all of these preventative measures in place, you still may find yourself dealing with hornets. If you're seeing a large number of hornets near your Modesto home, it's time to reach out to a local pest control professional to safely remove the infestation. 

How To Find The Hornet Nest On My Property

If you're seeing one too many hornets whizzing around your property, it very well may mean there's a nest nearby. These violent pests tend to stick within a quarter-mile radius of their home when scavenging. 

You'll want to search in all the usual places, being careful not to approach in a threatening manner. 

As hornets are less likely to be aggressive at night, using a flashlight might seem like a good idea. At Peace of Mind, we want you to stay safe, so please use red cellophane or acetate to cover the flashlight lens. This will dampen the light and is less likely to agitate a colony when it shines on them.

Places to look for a hornet nest include:

  • Trees (especially branches)
  • Bushes
  • Beneath decks, patios, and porches
  • Inside grills that haven't been used in a while
  • Mailbox stands
  • Spaces between walls and floors
  • Behind shutters
  • Outdoor light fixtures
  • Under rocks
  • Below logs or fallen tree branches
  • Holes in the ground (underground nests)

If the nest is large, you will need professional hornet or wasp removal.

Professional Pest Control for Hornet Infestations

Peace of Mind confidently handles hornet and wasp removal. We will have our specialists visit the site to locate the nest. 
The specialist will:

  • Find the nest.
  • Wear a state-of-the-art protective suit, making them impervious to the angry stinging insects.
  • Use professional-grade dusts, aerosols, and liquids to begin immediate eradication of the colony.
  • Remove the nest completely with safe methods so any stragglers do not return.

To avoid their reprisal of vicious insect bites and stings, we'll make sure no one is nearby when we perform contamination and removal of the nest.

If you're looking for stinging insect control, we have the solutions you need. As a locally-owned and operated pest control company, we understand how to control common area pests. To learn more about our services, reach out to us today!

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