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Foolproof Mouse Prevention Tips For Modesto Residents

December 15, 2021

Are there holes in your home’s house mouse defenses? Even a gap or crevice measuring ¼ inch can be the gateway to a house mouse infestation. Learn more about ways house mice enter homes and how Peace of Mind Pest Control can get them out.... Read More

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How To Keep House Mice Out Of Your Modesto, CA Home

October 15, 2021

Mice are one of Modesto’s (and the rest of the world’s) most stubborn pests. They figured out about 15,000 years ago that human homes are a lot better than outside. They’ve been making themselves unwelcome squatters ever since, eating our food, drinking our water, living in our walls, and generally mooching off us. ... Read More

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What To Do About Rats On Your Modesto, CA Property

September 17, 2021

Would you ever own a rat as a pet? If so, why? Do you find them cute? Do you want to see them run around and play inside their cage? Do you want to hand feed them and film their most adorable moments? Now, assuming you would have a rat as a pet, let us ask you this. ... Read More

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