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Stockton Pest Control Services: 7 Pests Our Experts Can Remove

No one wants legions of insects and spiders roaming around their home and property, but beyond the creepy factor, these pests can cause a great deal of damage to your home and yard, as well as the members of your household. At Peace of Mind, we offer comprehensive Stockton pest control services and can remove a myriad of common pests, including the following.

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These eight-legged creatures not only leave their webs all around your house and yard, they can be poisonous. If your spider population seems out of control, or if you notice black widow or brown recluse spiders in your home, give us a call and our experts can come out, discover where these arachnids are hiding and eliminate the problem.


There’s nothing attractive about roaches, which are some of the most hated insects on the planet. These gross little creatures are some of the world’s toughest animals and have been around since the days when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Roaches can carry disease and cause respiratory issues for those with allergies and asthma. While roaches are tough, our Stockton pest control experts are tougher. We will find them and ensure that they are eliminated from your property, both inside your house and in your yard.


If you have a few ants in your yard, this isn’t a cause for alarm. A well-controlled outdoor ant population can enrich the soil in your plant beds or garden. However, too many ants can be a problem, especially if they are a species such as carpenter ants, which can destroy wood. Additionally, if you often have trails of ants invading your home, searching for food, it’s probably time to give us a call.


Sowbugs, also known as pill bugs or roly poly bugs are not actually insects, but rather crustaceans. While these creatures can be a beneficial member of your gardening stuff, helping to control certain pests, too many sowbugs can be a problem. Additionally, if they invade your home, this could indicate that you have areas of moisture that need to be addressed. We can determine where the problem areas may be as well as keeping your sowbug population under control.


Earwigs look dangerous and their name certainly suggests something quite ominous, but these tiny insects don’t actually burrow in people’s ears. They do produce an unpleasant scent, but they are not poisonous. However, some types of earwigs can damage your decorative plants or garden plants, and we can keep earwigs under control as part of our Integrated Pest Management Program.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a danger to both humans and their pets. Flea bites irritate the skin and fleas can carry a number of diseases, including plague. Ticks also pose a threat, as these creatures can transmit Lyme disease and other diseases if they bite. If your property has either of these pests, give us a call immediately so that we can eliminate this problem.


Even if you just notice one or two mice or a single rat scurrying about your property, chances are there are more lurking around. Mice and rats can invade your pantry and cupboards, seeking food. They also can set up house inside your walls. Rodents can carry disease and cause property damage, so it is as wise to contact our Stockton pest control service if you see any evidence of rodents in your home or yard.

In addition to these pests, we can remove any other unwanted insects or pests from your home. We will develop a custom Integrated Pest Management Program just for your unique property that includes monthly or bi-monthly services. During a visit, we will inspect your home and property carefully and use methods such as spraying, baiting and granular applications to keep pests under control, as well as many non-chemical methods of treatment. We also can provide a free limited termite inspection for non-real estate transactions. Our Stockton pest control team will identify the type of termites you have and develop a plan to eliminate the termites and can even repair most termite damage.

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