Are These Bed Bugs In My Modesto Home?

November 15, 2021

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common, with one out of every five Americans having experienced an infestation or knowing someone who has. Unfortunately, these pests are not easy to deal with and are commonly misidentified as fleas, ticks, or cockroaches. These tiny insects, when you really get to know them, are pretty easy to identify. They aren’t picky about which homes they’ll choose to take over, so keep a lookout for these characteristics.

a bed bug on a blanket

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation

The insects themselves are very small, about the size of an apple seed full-grown, but they leave plenty of hints about their presence. To make the proper judgment about an infestation, you’ll need to know more about them.

Bed Bug Identification

  • Mahogany to reddish-brown in color

  • Can grow to ¼ of an inch long

  • Oval, flat, with wide bodies and small heads

  • Nymphs can grow to 1/8 inch before shedding exoskeletons

  • Nymphs are nearly colorless when they hatch and grow browner as they age

  • Eggs can be transparent to milky white and are about 1/32 of an inch in size

As parasites, bed bugs will thrive in any environment where they can feed on human blood. The most common places for them are inside mattresses and couches, curtains, and even behind light sockets. Around their hiding places, they leave certain signs.

Signs Of An Infestation

  • Red smears from squashed bugs

  • Black fecal spots that spread like marker stains

  • Exoskeletons shed by nymphs

  • Live or hatched eggs

  • Red, itchy bumps from bites

While they might prefer to wait nearby in lounging areas like bedrooms and living rooms, they can be found all over the house. They can also travel relatively long distances from different office units or apartments.

Bed Bug Prevention

Dealing with bed bugs might be impossible on your own. Their hiding places could be everywhere, and unfortunately, it’s not always possible to find each and every bed bug and egg to take them all out. The best means of bed bug prevention is through regular appointments with a pest control professional, but to avoid bringing them indoors, try these techniques:

  • When staying in hotels, look for signs of bed bugs and request different lodging if you see them.

  • Don’t store luggage on the floor or near the walls.

  • Don’t allow clothes, shoes, or purses to sit on floors in hotel rooms.

  • When home from traveling, thoroughly clean suitcases and bags and wash and dry clothing on the highest heat setting.

  • Check second-hand furniture and appliances before bringing them indoors. Bed bugs can hide in circuitry, so do a thorough sweep of electronics as well.

Preventing bed bugs isn’t as easy as it seems. The best means of prevention and control is by enlisting the help of Peace of Mind Pest Control.

Call Peace Of Mind Pest Control At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs

For constant peace of mind and freedom from pests, we inspect, treat, and follow up on your home to ensure every risk and current problem is resolved. Don’t let bed bugs get out of control, and don’t tear your hair out trying DIY methods that may or may not be safe or effective. When you enlist our help, your health and safety are our top priority. Contact us today to get started with pest control in Modesto.

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