What You Ought To Know About Termites In Modesto

March 15, 2023

A termite infestation can cause severe and lasting damage to your property. They're fast acting, show limited signs of habitation, spread quickly, and can cause extensive structural damage. If you think you have these pests in your home, get a thorough inspection from a reliable Modesto pest control company.

termite chewing wood

Alarming Signs You May Have Termites

Here are critical pieces of evidence of adult termites on your property.

Drooping Drywall

Termites don't feed on the chalky gypsum plaster in your drywall. However, they love the paper shell. So a discolored or drooping drywall can be a noticeable indication of termite activity. Here are other signs of termites in your drywall.

  • Termite maps: As these pests tear through the paperboard, they leave little tracks known as termite maps.
  • Sagging: Termites create tunnels inside drywalls. Thus, the supporting structures weaken, resulting in visible sagging.
  • Discolored drywall: While drywall discoloration isn't common, different kinds of termites, like subterranean termites, leave signs similar to water damage.
  • Pin holes: Most termite species can easily tunnel through your drywall, creating small holes.

Stuck Windows And Doors

An early warning sign of termite damage is stuck doors or windows. As these pests begin to invade your property, they go for easily accessible wooden structures like windowsills and doorframes. They create small tunnels inside the wooden parts, resulting in swelling and warping.

Overly Squeaky Floorboards

Once they invade your house, termites attack joists, floorboards, walls, support beams, and whatever else they can chew through. As they wear down the floor's support system, the floorboards will become somewhat loose and more sensitive to weight and movements. When you walk on them, these boards rub against each other, producing an excessive squeaking sound.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Your Home

Termites cause structural damage by eating wood or wooden products. They've special bacteria, protozoa, and enzymes in their gut that empower them to digest cellulose. A large subterranean termite colony can eat about a pound of wood daily. This damage is likely to go unnoticed for a while.

Considering that termites eat away your home's wooden parts, often without your knowledge, the resulting damage can impact your property's structural integrity. There's no accurate way to determine how long termites have been chewing your home away. An expert in termite control can help determine the extent of damage and get rid of the pests.

All The Factors That Attract Termites To Your Property

There are several things that can attract termites to a home:


Termites are attracted to wood because it is their primary food source. If there is wood on your property, there is a good chance that termites will find it. You should remove any dead or decaying pieces of wood and stumps from your property so that termites don't have easy access to wood. You should also store firewood away from your home so that termites don't use it as a bridge to get to your house.


If you have leaky gutters or foundations, they could attract termites to your home. You should fix any leaks and make sure that your gutters are clear so that water doesn't pool around your foundation. You should also consider installing an effective drain system, so water is redirected away from your foundation.


If your home is warm, you may be attracting termites. You can reduce the chances of attracting termites by ensuring no heat source near your foundation. You should also trim trees and shrubs so they don't provide too much shade for the ground around your foundation.

Why Professional Termite Control In Modesto Is Necessary

Few pests rival the destructive power of a termite infestation. These tunneling terrors can cause thousands of dollars in damage within a short period. Their appetite can inflict significant damage on your lumber and home.

Remember, your homeowner's insurance can't help you much. However, a termite and pest control expert can prevent termite infestations through regular inspections. With the help of a pest control company like Peace of Mind Pest Control, you can deploy the right termite treatments and get of the termite infestation in your home.

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